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Natural Path Landscaping: Creating A Natural Work of Art Right Outside Your Door

Natural Path Landscaping combines engineering and artistry to deliver truly outstanding results. And to top it off, our project came in on time and on budget. The only surprise was discovering a company that places such a profound emphasis on honesty and work ethic.
— Spencer Harvey


Landscaping Services offered by Natural Path Landscaping will make your property more enjoyable, functional and beautiful while enhancing its value. We transform an ordinary front entrance to your home, for example, into a beautiful entrance that makes a statement to every visitor and it will last forever. We often develop a design that is unique by way of its material, shape or paving pattern, for example.

Not all landscaping services are the same. At Natural Path Landscaping we pride ourselves on the quality of work that we do for our clients. We know the job is done and done right when both our client and we are completely satisfied with the results.

Natural Path Landscaping proudly serves these and other fine communities in Southeastern Massachusetts.  

  • Foxboro, MA  
  • Wrentham, MA
  • Walpole, MA
  • Norfolk, MA
  • Medfield, MA
  • Sharon, MA

Our Landscape Design Services Also Include:

Garden Design and Installation
Let us design and install the garden you've always wanted, with the colors and plants of your choice that grow well in your sun/shade mix and soil conditions.

Walkways and Patio Design plus Installation
A beautiful walkway can make a wonderful first impression or can add definition to your outdoor space in subtle, understated ways. And a well-designed patio provides a 3-season extension to your home.  Proper positioning of your patio will play a large role in determining how often your patio will be used. 

Entrances and Steps Design plus Installation
Look around at the older homes in your neighborhood, and they will likely serve as a testament to the beauty and durability of entrances and steps constructed of natural granite.

Wall Design and Installation
Walls can define a boundary, hold back soil, provide a terrace on a slope, or offer seating along a patio. Your wall should also deliver a strong visual statement, and will only become more beautiful as it withstands our tough weather year after year.

Driveway Design and Installation
Why not make your driveway a beautiful part of the landscaping? Concrete pavers, available in a wide variety of colors and shapes, can bring beauty, durability and functionality.

Pool Area and Deck Design plus Installation
Although we do not install swimming pools, we can certainly help to make them special with a fine deck around the pool. We also design elevated decks with clean profiles, transparent guardrails, substantial vertical posts and a clear understanding of the proper relationship between a deck and patio.

About Natural Path Landscaping and Tom Kraus
At Natural Path Landscaping we have been creating wonderful granite steps and structures for New England homes for many years. Tom Kraus is a licensed with both a Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor (license # 145211) and a Construction Supervisor (license #91216). As such, he is fully aware of building code requirements (and can obtain a building permit for the customer, if required). Tom is also certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and is a National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) Segmental Retaining Wall Installer. Natural Path Landscaping, LLC is registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is fully insured.

Tom is a mechanical engineer by training with degrees from Cornell University and MIT. His keen interest in gardens and landscaping resulted from his extensive business travels throughout the world and his purchase of a stately Queen Anne Victorian home built in 1887. Tom and his wife have faithfully restored the house, barn and grounds. Among many landscape projects, he has built stone walls, installed a stunning patio, and constructed raised flower beds from stone.

Landscape Design Services from Natural Path Landscaping
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Small details set the tone, like this traditional granite lamppost.

This sweeping brick walkway meets a set of curved granite steps.

Raised granite bed with roses provides a focal point.

Segmental Retaining Walls made with strong, interlocking, segmental concrete blocks.

Bluestone sitting area.

Mahogany guardrails, granite posts, granite steps, and full-color bluestone patio all work together to make this two-tiered deck a gem.