Natural Path Landscaping: Creating A Natural Work of Art Right Outside Your Door


We’ve had a lot of people through here in the last year for work but you guys are a big notch above. It makes a difference. No matter how good the finished product is, if the process was bad we’re probably not using them again. Your guys always take care of the little details and leave the place clean each day. They do great work but we appreciate that attention of detail just as much.
— Jay Doherty

Granite Steps will add beauty and long lasting elegance to your property. Stone structures create a feeling of strength, giving you the knowledge that these structures will last forever.

There is nothing like the look and feel of granite steps, walkways, posts, or other structures to enhance your property.

We would like nothing better than to design and build something special and different for you. Perhaps you would like replace your steps with granite steps or add a garden gate or a fence built with granite posts to eliminate the problem of rotting wooden posts. Arbors, trellises and shade structures for your patio are all possible projects.

We proudly serve these and other fine Massachusetts communities:

  • Foxboro, MA  
  • Wrentham, MA 
  • Walpole, MA  
  • Norfolk, MA   
  • Medfield, MA
  • Sharon, MA
  • Southeastern MA

Our Granite Steps Construction Expertise
Properly installed granite steps and landings should be attractive, comfortable to traverse, and should last a lifetime -- so even in the design phase of the project, we address all critical details. If the previous structure has failed, we would investigate the reason why. We will then measure the slope, exactly, with a transit in order to determine the step tread width to best match the slope. If the steps curve, we also produce a spreadsheet with all the measurements needed for construction.

The careful execution of a granite step installation does not lend itself to a large crew. Instead, Tom prefers to handle the job himself in order to maintain a high level of quality control. He installs the steps one at a time, beginning at the bottom, making sure each step has a properly compacted foundation. He uses a Bobcat to transport each step to its approximate location, then uses rollers and levers to position it precisely by hand.

Since the granite steps weigh between 400 and 1600 pounds, the installation is both rewarding and impressive.

We always receive great feedback from the homeowner!

We work directly with a quarry in Vermont that can produce custom granite pieces from our AutoCAD drawings. We have access to extra heavy-duty hinges and can attach either wood or metal to stone for even more design flexibility. The possibilities are endless.

About Natural Path Landscaping and Tom Kraus

At Natural Path Landscaping we have been creating wonderful granite steps and structures for New England homes for many years. Tom Kraus is a licensed with both a Massachusetts Home Improvement Contractor (license # 145211) and a Construction Supervisor (license #91216). As such, he is fully aware of building code requirements (and can obtain a building permit for the customer, if required). Tom is also certified by the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) and is a National Concrete Masonry Association (NCMA) Segmental Retaining Wall Installer. Natural Path Landscaping, LLC is registered with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is fully insured.

Tom is a mechanical engineer by training with degrees from Cornell and MIT. His keen interest in gardens and landscaping resulted from his extensive business travels throughout the world and his purchase of a stately Queen Anne Victorian home built in 1887. Tom and his wife have faithfully restored the house, barn and grounds. Among many landscape projects, he has built stone walls, installed a stunning patio, and constructed raised flower beds from stone.

Granite Steps and Structures by Natural Path Landscaping, LLC
©Natural Path Landscaping, LLC


Fifteen gently curving granite steps lead from the house to the lower yard through the woods.



Full color, natural cleft bluestone with a granite landing provide both an entrance and a sitting area.


- After -

- Before -



Large granite steps now sweep to the outside of the lamp post.


- After -

- Before -



Granite steps, paver walkway, granite wall and garden all combine to create a grand entrance to this home.


The large granite steps & landing will eventually support a portico.

Bluestone walkway with granite edging.

Pennsylvania fieldstone risers with bluestone treads sit atop an existing stamped concrete patio.

Thirteen granite steps with incorporated landing replace a steep driveway.

Gently curving granite steps with granite lamp post at top.

Large, evenly spaced granite steps with brick paving lead up the slope. Large granite block walls complement the steps.

Full-color bluestone walkway with wide & deep granite steps will eventually support a portico.

This concrete porch was covered with granite with another granite step leading to the door.