Natural Path Landscaping: Creating A Natural Work of Art Right Outside Your Door

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Landscape Design & Installation

Bring out the natural beauty of your property. Then add the special improvements that make it a work of art.

Whether focusing on a compact area or expansive grounds, Natural Path Landscaping can help you achieve your goals. We transform ordinary lawns, for example, into beautiful, restful outdoor spaces that are functional and low maintenance.

If you have a project in mind, we'll help you complete it.

If you're looking for solutions, we'll propose a plan.

We offer a variety of plant, garden, and stone constructions, plus our 10-year guarantee:

  • Space design using ground cover, lawns, trees, shrubs , and gardens (with soil testing if needed)
  • Granite curbing and garden edging
  • Granite lampposts, hitching posts
  • Walls, fences and garden structures
  • Walks and patios
  • Entrances and Steps: most often constructed with beautiful, durable granite, or other natural materials

Our guarantee: Our installations include quarterly inspections for the first year to assure that the job meets customer expectations. Most projects also carry our 10-year guarantee on materials and workmanship.

Our Landscape Design Services Include:

Walkways and Patio Design plus Installation
A beautiful walkway can make a wonderful first impression or can add definition to your outdoor space in subtle, understated ways. And a well-designed patio provides a 3-season extension to your home.  Proper positioning of your patio will play a large role in determining how often your patio will be used. 

Entrances and Steps Design plus Installation
Look around at the older homes in your neighborhood, and they will likely serve as a testament to the beauty and durability of entrances and steps constructed of natural granite.

Wall Design and Installation
Walls can define a boundary, hold back soil, provide a terrace on a slope, or offer seating along a patio. Your wall should also deliver a strong visual statement, and will only become more beautiful as it withstands our tough weather year after year.

Driveway Design and Installation
Why not make your driveway a beautiful part of the landscaping? Concrete pavers, available in a wide variety of colors and shapes, can bring beauty, durability and functionality.

Pool Area and Deck Design plus Installation
Although we do not install swimming pools, we can certainly help to make them special with a fine deck around the pool. We also design elevated decks with clean profiles, transparent guardrails, substantial vertical posts and a clear understanding of the proper relationship between a deck and patio.

Please scroll down for examples of our work.
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Two low stone walls transform sloping yard and create a natural space for a small bluestone sitting area with gardens.



Low granite posts and plenty of hosta in multiple mounded beds give this shady front yard new definition and a distinctive look. Note how the jumbo cobblestones dress up the walkway and driveway.


- After -

- After -

- Before -

- Before -



The best designs often use existing old granite. At this Federal style home, we kept the large old granite steps and reset the end-pieces for proper slope. The original landing was concrete embedded with thin slate. We replaced it using thick granite blocks on the sides for strong support, and 2" thick granite paving in the center.



A cobblestone drip edge is both decorative and functional.

Colorful gardens add to any landscape design.


Small details set the tone, like this traditional granite lamppost.

Raised granite bed with roses provides a focal point.

Curving walkway allows 
a small planting area to warm up the landscape.

Curving granite steps and a cobblestone focal point create an attractive view from the porch above.

Granite steps and full color bluestone walkway enclose a garden space which was grass before construction.